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Hours of Operation in Trail Park Klínovec

Hours of operation of the chairlift

May: Thursday - Sunday - 9-18 hours
June - September: täglich - 9-18 hours
October: 1.10. - 8.10  - 9-18 hours
             13.-15.10 - 9-17 hours
             20.-22.10. - 9-17 hours
             26.-31.10. - 9-17 hours

Chairlift rides are scheduled every half hour. It's possible to start your ride up within the five minutes from the beggining of the scheduled ride. Rides beyond the timetable are realised when there are 10 or more people waiting on the boarding area of the chairlift for the ride up. Chairlift operation has to be stopped in the case of nearby storm or strong wind.

Moving on the trails
Move on the trails only from dawn to dusk. For your own safety and so as not to interfere with gamekeeping do not move on the trails from dusk to dawn. In winter months the trails are covered with so much snow that it is not possible to ride on the trails. There may be some limits or closures of certain parts of the trails due to ongoing logging, ongoing work on the trails or after state of calamity (wind-damage).