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What to do in case of injury

When riding on the trails an accident may happen and one might get injured. In such cases it is necessary to call Mountain Rescue Service who will transport the injured from the forest to the place where professional medicalassistance may be provided. The telephone number of Mountain Rescue Service is + 420 1210. In a case of lossof signal reception call emergency number 112.

For easier determination of the position of the injured on the trail we placed 120 cm high posts along the trails. Each post has a label with unique number (e.g. on the Azur trail 111 – 199), which must be reported to the MountainRescue Service dispatcher. First digit denotes the current trail, second digit represents trail section and the last digit refers to the position within the trail section. The posts are located 250 – 350 meters from each other. MountainRescue Service is thus able to identify the location of the injured very accurately.

Do not be indifferent to the injured and also help to call Mountain Rescue Service. Get to the closest post and call Mountain Rescue Service from there. If you have just recently passed a post, return to it walking very carefully and lead your bike or off-road scooter on your side – you will be moving the wrong way and a rider coming from up thehill might not see you and another accident may happen.

Always carry a fully charged mobile phone with you in case you need to call Mountain Rescue Service or Emergency for help.