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Frequently asked questions

The way to Klínovec is not complicated. You can arrive from Karlovy Vary and Jáchymov or from Chomutov. Cyclists from Germany cross the border in Boží Dar or in Vejprty. You can find access maps on this page. You can enter your address and your search engine will help you find the best way to get here.

This information is available on the webpages here, and also on central information boards at trailheads of Trail Park Klínovec (upper and bottom station of Prima Express chairlift).

Parking is free of charge for visitors. You can park at the bottom station of Prima Express chairlift (when you travel through Jáchymov) or on top of Klínovec, if you are coming from other directions.

For your own safety and so as not to interfere with gamekeeping do not move on the trails from dusk to dawn. In winter months the trails are covered with so much snow that it is not possible to ride on the trails. There may be some limits or closures of certain parts of the trails due to ongoing logging, ongoing work on the trails or after state of calamity (wind-damage).

No, there is no admission fee for riding on the trails.

Unlike other bike resorts with a chairlift, Trail Park Klínovec is not designed for experienced cyclists only. Easy trails are suitable for cycling beginners and for children. More information about visiting Trail Park with your family here

Information about the operation hours is HERE.

We offer single rides, point tickets, time tickets (1 - 3 days) as well as season tickets. You can find all prices HERE.

There are a lot of accommodation facilities in the surroundings. We recommend apartment house Swertia, which has two- to five-bedroom apartments with kitchen. You can also find accommodation in the nearby villages and towns – Jáchymov, Loučná pod Klínovcem, Háj u Loučné pod Klínovcem or in Boží Dar. From all these places it takes less than five minutes to get to the trailheads by car or no more than 15 minutes by bike. From Jáchymov go to the bottom station of Prima Express chairlift, from Loučná pod Klínovcem, Háj or Boží Dar go to the upper station of the chairlift where you can also park your car. You can make an enquiry about accommodation easily through the form available in the menu bar of this website.

You can use any high quality mountain bike of any specifications to easy trails and trails of middle difficulty. It is not necessary to have a full suspension bike. Suspension front fork or wide tires will eliminate smaller bumps, so they are an advantage for the rider. Bikes suitable for difficult trails are full suspension bikes, the so called trail bikes. Difficult trails are best enjoyed on enduro, freeride or downhill bike.

Trail Park Klínovec has two rentals of mountain bikes and all terrain scooters. You can find the rentals at both trailheads of Trail Park near the bottom and upper stations of chairlift Prima Express. You can rent Author SU-MO bikes with wide tires (fat bike). Author King Kong models are ready for children. Bikes for adults and children are available in several sizes. Bikes may be booked by phone on +420 415 240 240, +420 607 071 980.

Yes, we ask all visitors to follow the Operation Rules and the Code of Conduct on the Trails.

Before you set out, check that you have all necessary equipment. We recommend that you have a look at this webpage, where we put a list of everything you need.

When riding on the trails an accident may happen and one might get injured. In such cases it is necessary to call Mountain Rescue service who will transport the injured from the forest to a place where specialist medical assistance may be provided.The telephone number of Mountain Rescue service is + 420 1210.

For easier determination of the location of the injured on the trail we placed 120cm high posts along the trails. Each post is marked with a unique number (e.g. on the blue trail 001 – 060), which must be reported to the Mountain Rescue dispatcher. The posts are a few hundred metres from each other (mostly cca 350 m), the Mountain Rescue is thus able to identify the location of the injured very accurately.

Do not be indifferent and help the injured on the trail by calling help in such a way that you get to the closest post and call the Mountain Rescue service from there. If you have just recently passed a marked post, return to it walking and lead your bike on your side – you will be moving in the opposite direction and a rider coming from up the hill might not see you and thus another accident may happen.

Always carry a fully charged mobile phone with you in case you need to call Mountain Rescue for help.

The operation of the trails is not significantly limited even when partial repairs are going on or when lessons take place there. It is no problem to come and have a ride. Current information is available on the internet as well as on the central information boards at the trailheads of Trail Park Klínovec. Downhill trail may be closed for public maximum several times a year and that happens when races are held here.

Informace o tom zda-li jsme v provozu naleznete na hlavní stránce tohoto webu.