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Difficulty of trails

There are trails of four levels of difficulty in Trail Park Klínovec. Thus everybody can find a level of difficulty appropriate to their skills, including cycling beginners, families with children, more experienced riders as well as experts.

Easy trails (marked blue) are suitable for all cyclists of all age groups and all abilities, including beginners. However, riders must have at least basic experience with riding a bicycle and must be able to control his/her bike safely on the trail.

Trails of middle difficulty (marked red) are designed for cyclists who are experienced in terrain riding on narrow single-track trails and who can master riding easy trails in Trail Parku Klínovec without any problems.

Challenging trails (marked black) are designed for advanced cyclists with rich experience in riding on narrow forest trails and high level of skills in bike control in terrain.

Difficult trails (marked orange – freeride and downhill trails) are suitable only for technically very advanced cyclists with high level of skills in bike control and rich experience with highly technical and extremely challenging terrain. Rider must easily master riding on unstable and slippery surface, high drops, long and high jumps, steep descents and ride on diverted slope.

Pay attention to information boards at the trailheads of Trail Parku Klínovec and always choose trails according to your skills, physical condition and equipment.